Translating Services And What You Should Avoid When Hiring Them

There are many things that can go wrong when you hire a translator for your project, and the problem is that often, you do not have the knowledge to know there are mistakes in the documents requested. Of course, you want to definitely avoid such an outcome, and you might not believe this, but there indeed are steps you can take to minimize any bad results. Here are some mistakes you better avoid:

  • Not doing your research – one of the biggest mistakes you can make when looking for translation services Melbourne is simply not doing your research. It is easy enough nowadays to paint a false image and look professional: a fancy looking company and an equally polished website can easily give the impression of a professional service, but the truth can be so far from it. It is important, therefore, to always look deeper and properly question the service. A good way to understand this is not only by direct communication, but also by asking for references and past projects of the company. Getting into touch with former clients of the business gives you a chance to get to know the company more personally than mere reviews: is their Thai translation up to standard or did their translation end up being unfavourable? What does the past client think of their overall work attitude?
  • Not being clear and comprehensive with your needs – another mistake you should avoid when hiring a translator is being ambiguous with your needs. Generally, most translation companies will provide you with a form or an application that lets you state your needs and what you expect the translators to do for you. If you are translating a document into Chinese, for example, you will mention your need for Chinese translation services Melbourne, and you will state exactly what needs to be translated. The problem, however, is that many clients are not clear enough with what they want to be translated – certain documents can have tables, charts and other inclusions beyond mere text, and you should state whether you want these to be translated as well, or if the text is your only requirement.
  • Not being realistic with your timelines – always keep in mind that translation can be a lengthy and difficult task, especially if you have requested your translators to work with idioms, proverbs and other difficult word structures. It is always a bad idea to rush your translators because you need a project done quickly: all you would likely end up with is an overcharged document that is also badly translated. Instead, allow your translators enough time to do their work, and hire them early on in the project once you realize the need for translation work to be done. Keep in mind that this does not mean you have to provide them with extensions – if they mentioned a date by which they will be done, have them stick to it without rushing them.